Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet Donnie

A couple of weeks before my water broke I was VERY  uncomfortable. i could tell he felt to low for comfort. Also I was  having some blood tinged mucous almost every day. I went in to the  doctor a few times with my concern but they thought I was just paranoid.  They said baby was pretty low, but nothing to worry about. August 3rd I  was having some pretty intense contractions. However, only some of them  were enough to take my breath away & eventually they subsided.  August 4th I noticed baby Donnie hadn't moved but only twice the whole  day. Then he started to have the hiccups.

I was going to tell my husband  we needed to go in to check on him once he got home, but around 5 pm. I  went to the bathroom. When I stood up I felt the huge gush...First  words out of my mouth were "OH CRAP!" (These were the same words out of  my mouth when my water broke with my second daughter too)My sister was  actually on her way to borrow my fetal doppler..I waited for her because  I knew she was close.I also called DH & he was on his way home from  work. My sister took our daughters to her house & dh rushed me to  the hospital. When we got there I was 3cm & 70 percent effaced. I  also had a low grade fever, so they thought I might have an infection.  (Mind you, a week before I had asked if it was possible I had an  infection & they brushed it off & didn't even check.)

My contractions were very inconsistent. They started me on antibiotics & gave me a steroid shot for his lungs. A couple hours later they  started pitocin because they said it was best to get him out quicker if I  did
 have an infection. My contractions (all in the back) really picked  up. They hurt worse than any of my other labors. I got a dose of stadol  which was all this hospital had. (I had nubain with my other two labors  & it works soooo much better) After about 20 minutes it had already wore off. I begged for more & they said I had to wait an hour in  between doses. I got my second dose after the hour. This also wore off  again in 20 minutes. (The nubain with my girls lasted me hours for just  one dose. I never needed more than one dose with them) When it got  closer to time for another dose I could feel a lot of intense pressure. I  started to slowly sit up in bed with each contraction. My mom was  confused at what I was doing , but it helped the pain to sit up.  Eventually I was sitting straight up. I was also pushing a little as I  started to sit up but I didn't tell just felt natural. Then  when I was sitting straight up I told them I needed to push. They  checked me & said it was time.

The doctor came in & sat down all  gloved & gowned..I started to push ..he was out in two pushes!  Donald Terry Jones 3rd born at 1:37 a.m. on Aug.5th. 3lbs 4oz. 14 1/2  inches long. It was the hardest labor but the easiest when it came to  pushing:) They took him right away & only brought him over for a  quick picture. He has been our fighter from the very beginning only on CPAP for less than a day and nasal cannula almost the rest of the time. His NICU stay was only 40 days. He is now almost 6 months old and over 13lbs and EBF.

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