Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Meet Isaiah

I found out I was pregnant in early February 2011. I had just turned 35 and pretty much had given hope that motherhood was in my immediate future, so I quickly embraced the news as my blessing. My 1st trimester came and went with little issue except for painful fibroids at around 11wks that gave me sneak peek at the LO,  but thankfully no morning sickness. When my 2nd trimester kicked I felt that beautiful pregnancy glow you always hear about, until my 27 week appt. when I learned that I was a carrier for SMN1 the genetic condition that is a marker for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. After speaking with genetic counselors & my physician, I made the decision to have an amniocentesis at 28- weeks because a blood test from his father & I would not rule out the condition. In my mind & heart I had already fallen in love with my unborn child, SMA or not and just wanted to prepare as best as I could for his delivery and beyond if he was diagnosed with the condition. The test took 3 long weeks to confirm, but on August 11th, it was confirmed baby boy had at least 1 copy of the SMN1 gene like me so he though he might be a carrier, he would not have SMA.

Also on Aug 11th, it was the 1st night I started feeling sick & threw up in my pregnancy. My hands & feet were also visibly swollen, but I never tested positive for protein, but I was being monitored. At my last appt that Mon. my OB took my pressure a couple of times but it also showed within normal range.  That weekend my appetite was off, which seemed odd and on Sunday night, I once again started throwing up and having cold sweats. I called my OBs office 1st thing in the morning, of Aug. 15th, but I really believed it was something I ate & chalked it up. By afternoon, I ran an errand at the bank & prior to returning I started to feel worst, so I stopped at the local health center around 3:30pm. The nurse asked me how far along I was and I said 32 wks, she said my pressure was high. I immediately called my OBs office, & turns out I just missed a call from them because I left my house number.  She immediately asked to speak with ER doctor & told me I needed to be transported by ambulance or get a ride to L&D. 

I got a ride & arrived by 6pm & blood tests were started & my pressure checked again.  It was getting higher.  By 7pm, the triage room went from 1 nurse to about 5 people including the on call OB,  anesthiologist. I swear everything happened so fast: I was diagnosed with a severe case of preeclampsia (pressure now peaked at 206/150) and HELLP. The only cure for this was to deliver the baby because my liver & kidneys were shutting down. I was wheeled in for my C-sec at 9:03pm & my son was born at 9:17pm, 3lbs 7oz 16 ½” long at 32wks.  Because of the HELLP condition I was given a general anesthia & no one was allowed in delivery rm. When I finally layed eyes on him later that evening, I still could not believe what had just happened that day & how tiny he was. 

After 37 days, Isaiah was discharged from the NICU at 4lbs 6 oz to the loving arms of his mama and his entire family.  There were some rough, but many beautiful days of our journey together in the NICU which I will never forget.  Isaiah is now a healthy baby at 14lbs 6oz at 6mos actual age. 


  1. Glory to God. This is truly a blessing and God deserves all the praise for this miracle! Can't wait to meet you Isaiah!

  2. Amen Jody Penrose!! Amen!!! although I was a part of that entire ordeal (I am Hyacinths sister) I still get goose bumps and teary eyed! I remember how afraid I was to hold him he so sooooooo TINY! I think it took me 4 weeks before I actually held him and I have been hooked ever since!!! I love my sister and commend her for what she went through, I have 4 children and had nothing compared to my sisters ordeal with her only child. I love Isaiah and I thank GOD for HIS grace & mercy that he showed my sister and my nephew Isaiah. We must always remember to let go and let GOD all the time. I love you Mich & lil man.