Sunday, March 11, 2012

Meet Jordyn!

This is the story of my baby girl. I'll let you in on our background. I am recently, a single, 24yr old mother to Rylee, 3 yr old (2-10-09). Every part of my pregnancy with Riley was wondering wrong, gestational diabetes, anemic. The whole experience was horrible. She was born 4 days before due date 8 lbs 7oz.

Now for Jordyn. Which is my preemie. 

Same dad as Rylee, but having relationship problems, and caused alot of stress on myself, which results in Jordyn being born premature.

Jordyn was due Nov 7th, 2011.
Jordyn was born July 23rd, 2011.

My whole pregnancy I was miserable. I had a lot of cramping, nausea, vomiting, bleeding. At 20 wks, I just had an ultrasound. I was alone, when I found out I was carrying a second Princess.

Just 2 wks after, went into doctor because something was not right, too much spotting. They said it's normal, unaware, a wk later I would be giving birth to my daughter.

Friday July 22, I woke up sick. I take the day off to relax. It was one of the hottest days for Missouri. My daughter, Rylee, and I went to get ice cream. Worst part is my car. Battery died.  So for 3 hrs I'm waiting for someone to come get us. We get home, and finally get to relax. Around 8:30pm, I start getting cramps (which turned out to be contractions). As the night goes on they get stronger. Around 12, when Colt gets home, it goes down hill. I am passing quarter size blood clots, throwing up, dizzy, contractions getting stronger. I keep telling myself there is no way I am in labor. I am only 25 wks. The worst keeps getting worse. I finally have to call the in laws to come get Rylee, around 2am. Luckly, the hospital was only 20 min away. The whole ride was fine, until 3 blocks from the hospital. By this point, I knew the worst had happened. I was in labor, but nothing prepared me for giving birth to my daughter at 25 wks in the truck a block from the hospital.

We pull up to the er, freaking out. I was almost passed out from blood loss. The only two things I remember is how fast everyone was moving, and and how they all seemed so worried.

Jordyn Leann was born enroute aroundish 2 30am, at 25 wks. 1 lb 10oz 12in. She was given a 7% chance of living past the first 8hrs. They said I lost a lot of blood and were surprised I even survived myself.
They were right, the first 8 hrs were gonna be the deal breaker. At 10 30am, doctors were preparing me for the worst. They had to look me in the eyes and tell me they had done everything they could do for my baby. They were giving her an emergency blood transfusion. I prayed and prayed, cause that was all I could do at this point.
At 11:15 the same doctors were back. I was in tears, thinking the worst had happened. But with tears in the doctors eyes, giving me the biggest huge and smiles. They tell me, she pulled through it. Amazingly, she proved them how strong she was.

Jordyn has had several ups and downs. This whole experience opened my eyes.

Jordyn has had many surgeries. Her pda, had to be closed, need a long term iv placed, broviac, and her intestinal surgeries. Huge blockage and part of her colon had to be removed. The poor baby will have 3 good scar stories to tell when she gets older.

She has fought through 5 major infections. On and off ventilators. She has been a fighter, she has pulled out every tube, she could get her hands on. 

She has struggled with oral feeding since day one. Slowly she is accepting her bottles. Being offered 15 ml every 3 hrs.. On Feb 22nd, Jordyn had her eye exam, and we received news that she was not improving. She wasn't worse but for her age, she should be better. Poor baby had yet another surgery, later that same day, this time it was for her g-tube to be placed. One day of recovery, she turns 7 months old, then Friday 24th Jordyn receives laser eye treatment.

Doctors said it would take a week for her to have bowel movement. Jordyn once again proved them wrong, overnight.Saturday she had a dirty diaper.. She began to feed 25 ml of neosure via g-tube on continuous drip  And has improved since.. She is curretly eating 90 ml over an 1.. Eating every 3 hrs.. During the day and at night she is on continuous drip over 8 hrs.. Her eyes have improved. Which is also amazing that they can already see improvement. 

I am proud to share, Jordyn came home Wednesday, March 7!  She left the NICU weighing 12 lb 7 oz, after 228 days.

She has been everyone's favorite, everyone knows at least her story. It's amazing how quickly you become Attached to the Nicu nurses. Just 8 months, I love and know these women like family.

People keep asking me how I stay so strong and not break into tears. The only thing I say back is, God has a plan for us. He knows I am strong enough to handle the stress and effort it takes to care for a premature baby. I do break into tears, but, now they are happy tears. My daughter, has proven herself over and over, so I must also prove am strong enough.

One day old
Three days old
First time holding Jordyn--four weeks old
Almost five months old
Going Home!

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